Life and Loss – Part 1

Posted on Martina Zandonella

She longs nostalgically out of the window, watches over the site of lights and fun, tragedy and desperation. She grieves for the lover that will never return to her arm. She must not forget him, she will not let go, imagining his embrace and loving eyes in the room.

The longing lover languishes.

Soulful eyes watch over her to give her hope, to give her strength to carry on. He will live forever in her memory and she will rise, living on. She will smile gain, she will love again.


mulatmagmulatmag 02 mulatmag04 05 06 mulatmagModel: Katrina May Armenta
Words and Photos: Martina Zandonella

Katrina is wearing:
Bandolino – shoes
Bebe – dress
Gillian & O’Malley – bra
GUESS – boots & sweater
Madeline Stuart – shoes
Rider’s By Lee – shirt
Symphony – body suit
Tart Noir – panties
Victoria’s Secret – panties
525 america – long sleeve shirt

The Palms in Las Vegas