Tiled Meditations

Posted on Erick Cruz & Pia Besmonte

We are excited to share this collabration between a poet and a photographer.
Where Pia weaves her words inspired and inspiring the photos of Erick with Eldina.
Each elevates the other.

Words by Pia Besmonte.
Images by Erick Cruz and Eldina Salkanović

Tiled Meditations

I am alone here,

it is beautiful

it is terrifying

thoughts mimicking the drip-drip

warm water traveling

my corporeal self,

cleansing a long hard day

of being a female body;

tracing the outlines of my arms

the hollow of my clavicle

to the triangle behind my ear

where I wish to be caressed

but I cannot think by whom

no – this session is pondering

the politics of my body

(not laws of the universe, 

mind you):

where by the way I wear my hair 

I am attractive to certain kinds of men;

where by a piece of unyielding cloth

can bring down a season’s worth of peace;

where by my secret place

is a punchline,

an object of perverted desire,

while also an insult

to those who are out of line —

in this space the steam dispels external whispers

and I am me to me

pleasure secret only to my touch

sometimes, a vessel of pain,

but always, and in secret, delightful.

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