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“I’m a Boston native who moved to New York City four years ago intending to work as a commercial model and music artist.
Since then I have experienced so many thrilling moments in the industry. I’ve done so while working as a bartender, going to business school, and venturing into the real estate business.
I met Wai / photographer during New York Fashion Week for a charity fashion show geared toward mental health awareness. Few months later I received a text from him to shoot for Mulat magazine, I guess anything is possible while doing what you love!

During the shoot I felt so empowered as a woman comfortable in her skin. I was more comfortable in my lack of clothing than I was biting into an apple for the camera, but as we continued to work the shots I felt sexy doing so. The artistic results were pleasing and I loved that I could unveil my sensual side.

Wai later came with me to the music studio where I was recording an original song of mine titled “Love Reigns.” He took a short video clip of the behind the scenes process.
Music has always been a source of emotional relief for me since I was a little girl, and I’ve written since then. As for the global audience my music can be explore and share through my Instagram account linked back to SoundCloud website.

If I could write music for others surprisingly I’d like to focus on writing hooks for rap artists. Writing entire songs for others would be a challenge since my lyrics tend to come from a personal place.”


Photographer: Wai Ng 
Models: Ari Avella 

Click here to hear her sing. 🙂