Burlesque Voguer

Posted on Sasha Hart

What do two such different art forms as Vogue and Burlesque have in common? More than it seems at first sight. Both started in the underground world of big cities; both have incredible costumes and an element of ridicule to them. Lastly, both are performed by fearless dancers.

Over a century old art form, burlesque still captivates viewers with its sensuality and storytelling. At the same time, being brought into the mainstream in 1990 by Madonna, vogue has flourished in the New York’s night scene. There hasn’t yet been a performer who would fluently combine the two art forms into a mesmerizing act that would leave audience wowed.

Well, that was until Ms Karina Precious came along.

Karina combines sensual dance routines, exquisite costumes and story-telling of burlesque with explosive voguing elements, such as catwalk, hands performance, duckwalk, spins and dips. Her style is as much choreographed as improvised. None of her shows are the same, but they all carry the highest level of artistry.

Ms Precious has been an active member of the Iconic House of Revlon since 2014 and a regular at battles and Vogue Balls. With all this experience under her belt, combined with years of dance training in her home country Ukraine, Karina managed to find her unique voice in the crowded dance world. Nowadays, she is a highly sought performer in New York City, gracing stages of world-renowned venues like Slipper Room, LAVO, The Box, Monarch, Capitale, and many more.

You can find Karina here. 
Written by Sasha Hart