Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk

Posted on Jash Manuel

Every so often we meet someone who looks like our favourite sin come to life. That as a lapsed sinner we both find ourself both terrified and fascinated by, after all it isn’t so much a fall into depravity, not unlike the first cigarette you’ve had after years of abstinence; the sweet burn of the first hit as nicotine and tar rush into your lungs. Bliss isn’t it.


Your own personal ascent into hell.

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We find ourselves looking for that coming of age moment where we’re led into a world we knew little, if nothing, about. Just because you both read the same books, and listen to the same bands doesn’t make her your soulmate. It isn’t in the shared looks or that they laugh at your worst, and well darkest, jokes. They aren’t just there to be the critical moment when you find yourself. Be with them for the sake of being with them, for nothing is purer than the pursuit for the sheer sake of the pursuit.


Don’t ask them to save you.

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Photography and words: Jash Manuel
Model: Cheska Josue