Han Woke Up Like This

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Every morning when Han wakes up she takes photos of herself, no make up and no filters.  In her photos she shows herself in a very personal, and vulnerable space. It’s quite natural, beautiful and inspiring not just for women but other genders. 


Can you tell us about yourself and how this self-documentary started?

March 25th I took a selfie for the first time in a long time. I was on the toilet and I don’t know why, but the way my hair was all messed up, made me feel extra beautiful that morning. I talked to my boyfriend and sister about starting a page: “hanwokeuplikethis”. I did not start the page until May 4th. I just did it. I really don’t know why. Once I realized I could feel so beautiful naturally, first thing in the morning, I knew other girls could to. I honestly did not expect to gain so many followers so fast. Nor did I think I would actually encourage other females to take a picture and send it to me. I was shocked. It made me feel proud. Females aside, males have also been encouraging. My favorite example of an encouraging statement that made me happy I am doing what I am doing was from a male. The comment reads: “just got to say, you’re awesome. You’ve taken something we all do, but act like we don’t every day and have evoked people to be comfortable with such a vulnerable act. You’re simply amazing!” I wake up every morning and when I look in the mirror, I am happy—you should be to.

What is beauty?

Beauty is a perception. Everyone is beautiful. I perceive myself as beautiful as everyone should. I think when I look at myself I see my parents and grandparents and I can see their beauty live through myself. I am about 24,000 beautiful genes made into my own kind of beautiful.

Has this documentary influenced how you see yourself, being in yourself skin, about self-love?

I think it has. I am more confident, yet I feel equal to and not prettier than all of the other girls I see online or on IG. I used to care so much about my looks and I would try to keep up with the latest make-up trends, but at the end of the day when I was younger my mom would always tell me how much prettier I was once I wash off all of my make-up. I think of that now—I can see the beauty I used to never see, because it was always covered with makeup. I think of all of the compliments I receive even when I have just woken up, it is just reassuring that what everyone is afraid of, it isn’t scary. We should never be ashamed of our natural beauty, and now I am 100% sure I am not ashamed of mine.

What are your  favorite photos from your documentary?

I have quite a few favorites actually: the very first selfie, May 7th, May 31st. June 30th, July 24th, August 21st, September 28th, and October 1st. All of these pictures capture more than just me first thing in the morning. When I look at them I can remember how I felt the night before, what I dreamt. Years from now I want to still be taking these pictures, and I cannot wait to see the changes I go through to transform into an older woman.

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