Maya’s Secret

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While people pass on the streets of Ocean Drive going to and fro from every restaurant to bar that dots the famous art deco area of South Beach.  Maya takes a break from the noise of the partygoers and the slight scent of Cuban cigars.   She goes upstairs to relax in her room at the Breakwater Hotel.  She slips into something more comfortable after finishing her glass of Chardonnay.  A mix of Victoria’s Secret ‘Velvet’ line is her choice of comfort for this evening.  As the distant and faint booming of music can still be felt through the glass of the windows, she slips back on the bed and enjoys the relative silence for the night.  Her day is over, and the night has begun.   But her beauty is just as remarkable regardless of the time of day.  Maya, who is from New Smyrna Beach, is now winding down after enjoying a brief vacation in Miami. But before it’s lights out, we capture her beauty by displaying some of Victoria’s Secret’s comfortable yet sexy undergarments.

Photographer: James Santiago
Model: Waverly Maya

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