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Ouie Sanchez is a fine art and portrait photographer from the streets of Manila. His works welcome you to an enigmatic space, dilapidated edifices and raw nature cradling beautiful, tender, bare women. An ironic juxtaposition of bodies, one colossal in nature and one which is everything vulnerable juxtaposed into breathtaking photographs.

You keep a rather mysterious online presence can you tell us something about yourself.
I am a very private person and quite shy, but I do try to express my feelings through photographs. I want to be know as a nude photographer with a sense of art.

This is a rather trite questions but it begs to be asked, how did you start doing fine art photography?
It started as a hobby, and in one of the seminars I attended I was challenged by my instructor that taking nude photos is one of the hardest thing in photography.

Are you doing photography outside fine arts? 
Yes, I am in fact associated with some projects on environment with USAID.

How do you cultivate vision? Your inspirations and the approach you go through in creating your images.
I try to mix the light, shadow and the subject, most of the time the approach is dictated by the subjects mood.

Do you follow rules when you shoot and which of those rules do you break?
Oftentimes, since I try to come up with new concepts for my image.

“Colossal nature and timid bodies but which one is vulnerable?” is a line inspired by your photographs of women in landscapes, the contrast, layout and the images are just overall fantastic. Can you tell us something about those shots?
The vulnerability of the “timid body” is the consequence of our societies conservative nature.   I like to capture the beauty of the surrounding and mix it with the mood of the subject.
Ironically in images set in environments full of rubbish, junk or deterioration the beauty of the nude subject is more emphasised.


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